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Recording Guidelines

1. Prepare your recording space

Preparing your recording space is an important step to take before you even turn a microphone on. Here are some things to look out for...

  • Stop and listen - are there any unwanted noises that the microphone could be picking up? Ticking clocks, computer fans, air conditioning, open windows etc.

  • Turn off notifications on your phone and computer - these noises will interrupt the recording.

  • If there are other people near you make sure they know you are recording so they don't disturb you.

2. Set up the equipment

If you are using a Chronicle Recording Box then follow the steps below to get set up. If you are using your own equipment feel free to contact us for assistance.

  • Connect the microphone to your computer using one of the USB cables provided. There are several different lengths of cable to suit your needs. There is also a USB-C adapter if your computer does not have a standard USB port.

  • Place the microphone in a secure place where it will not wobble or get knocked.

  • Set the microphone to Cardioid Mode.

  • Attach the pop shield so that it is positioned just in front of the microphone and you are speaking through it.

  • Connect the headphones to the microphone using the port at the bottom of the microphone.

  • Download Audacity - this is a free piece of software you can use to record your audiobook.

3. Start recording

You're ready to start recording! Follow the steps below to get going.​

  • Open Audacity on your computer - if you have any trouble downloading / opening the software please contact us.

  • Check the audio input is set to the USB microphone and not the built-in mic on your computer.

  • Get yourself in a comfortable position, you should speak into the microphone from only 3/4 inches away.

  • Look at the LED level meter on the front of the microphone and adjust the volume so that when you speak it is at the correct level.

  • Click the record button in Audacity to begin recording.

  • Use the headphones to be aware of what the microphone is picking up. If you hear unwanted noises then stop and try to remedy the issue.

  • If you make a mistake during recording then make sure to leave a long silent pause for at least 10 seconds. This will indicate to us that something needs editing.

  • Stop the recording when you have finished. We recommend doing a separate recording for each chapter of your audiobook, but this is up to you.

  • Export the audio and once you have all audio files completed send to us to finish the job!

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